Where To Buy NFTs: Top 10 Marketplaces

Where To Buy NFTs: Top 10 Marketplaces

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  1. About NFTs & NFT Marketplaces
  2. Tips for Choosing an NFT Marketplace
  3. NFT Marketplace Categories
  4. Top 10 NFT Marketplaces
  5. Other NFT Marketplaces
  6. Should I Buy NFTs?
  7. How to Buy NFTs
  8. FAQs

Digital assets known as NFTs are expanding in size, appeal, and value very quickly. Find out where to buy them and where to sell them right now, along with the top 10 markets.


About NFTs & NFT Marketplaces

Since virtually anybody may now produce, purchase, or trade NFTs, they have grown to be very well-liked digital assets. Because of their novelty as assets, simplicity of creation, widespread appeal as collector’s goods, and a few high-profile transactions in the millions of dollars, they have quickly gone from relative obscurity to popular fascination in just a few years. All of this has led to a frenzied attempt on the part of several individuals and groups to join the NFT train.

While it is possible to buy NFTs directly from the developer, a rapidly expanding community of independent online markets has formed to act as NFT marketplaces, allowing buyers to browse among various kinds. Additionally, renowned organizations like Time, Inc., Fox Entertainment, and the New York

Tips for Choosing an NFT Marketplace

If you are unsure of the kind of NFT you could be interested in buying, you should definitely plan to browse a few markets to get an idea of what they have to offer, what ranges they fall into, and how purchases are made there. Choosing an NFT marketplace requires you to first identify what kind of NFT you want. That will enable you to locate a pertinent marketplace where you may start looking. It will be a good idea to read their disclaimers and look for any third-party information you can discover about them when you locate a marketplace that offers the appropriate sort of NFTs for you. The majority are still private businesses, thus you can’t access their stated financials.

a some of the information you


  • What safeguards exist to ensure that a buyer will have a legitimate transaction?
  • What is the required medium of exchange for the desired NFT? (Normally, it is a specific cryptocurrency)
  • What fees are involved in the transaction?
  • What other NFTs are available that might be similar to the one you are interested in? (They are all unique, but the creator may have issued many NFTs that have only slight differences.)
  • Where will you store the NFT after the transaction? (you’ll need a digital ‘wallet’.)
  • How and where will you be able to sell your NFT when you want to?

Tip: The aim behind blockchains is to record all transactions and make them transparent to all users inside the network of that blockchain. NFTs are produced and confirmed on blockchains. That indicates that it is feasible to authenticate your purchase as well as any prior transactions for any chosen NFT, if there are any, given access to the required blockchain.

NFT Marketplace Categories

NFTs and the online stores that sell them come in a variety of styles, formats, and subject matters that appeal to a wide range of consumers, including musicians, artists, sports fans, gamers, and collectors. I’ve arranged the markets in the following categories for the organization’s sake:

  • Open Marketplaces: a wide variety from many sources
  • Curated Marketplaces: sources that are more focused or specialized
  • Collectibles Marketplaces: concentrating on memorabilia related to sports or movies
  • Games Marketplaces: supplying NFTs targeted for online gaming
Where To Buy NFTs: Top 10 Marketplaces

Top 10 NFT Marketplaces

There are no formal numbers available on the sales at these marketplaces to rank them by size, so those listed below are on this list as a result of extensive research across numerous sites. They are presented here in no specific order but are organized by category with further details for each below.


  1. OpenSea
  2. Rarible
  3. Mintable
  4. Foundation
  5. Nifty Gateway
  6. SuperRare
  7. Known Origin
  8. NBA Top Shot
  9. DraftKings Marketplace
  10. Axie Infinity Market

Open Marketplaces

1. OpenSea

  • regarded as the “eBay” of NFTs and acknowledged as the largest NFT marketplace in terms of offers.
  • promotes artists. among the finest for producing fresh NFTs.
  • the most diverse collection of digital materials (art, music, sports, photo, etc.).
  • more than 150 different payment tokens are supported.

2. Rarible

regarded as one of the greatest markets and community-driven.

Similar to Open Sea in scope (art, videos, collectibles, music).

Multiple NFTs and portfolios that can pay creators NFT royalties on future sales are included in the minting capabilities.


To purchase and sell, a Rare token is required.


Major brands including Yum! Brands, Taco Bell, and Adobe call this place home.

3. Mintable

  • An open marketplace similar to OpenSea.
  • Backed by billionaire Mark Cuban.
  • Easy to use and supports minting of NFTs for creators of all types (from photographers to musicians) who want to sell their work as a digital asset.
  • Seen as the “Etsy” of NFT marketplaces.

Curated Marketplaces

4. Foundation

simple style. was created as a simple method of placing a bid on digital art.

NFTs have been sold for more than $100 million since their launch in early 2021.

curatorship by an artist. Invitations are sent to artists. To begin making purchases, buyers merely need a crypto wallet that has been filled with Ethereum.


5. Nifty Gateway

a curated art marketplace supported by Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange (controlled by the Winklevoss twins). The “Nifties” or NFTs are digital assets based on Ethereum.

helped sell some of the most well-known digital artists, like Beeple, and holds the record for selling the most expensive NFT at $91.8 million.

hosts NFTs for buyers, which means Gemini and Nifty Gateway will store the NFTs for you.


Fiat cash may also be used to make cool purchases and transactions.


Many “celebrity” NFTs

6. SuperRare

Similar to Rarible, but more upscale, selected, and with an art gallery vibe. The website features 3D photos, films, and art.

provides creators with good benefits.

just made its own token announcement.


SuperRare NFTs can be purchased and sold on OpenSea just like Rarible NFTs.


7. Known Origin

  • Caters to artists and photographers for their own work.
  • Seen as the equivalent of an art gallery in the physical world.
  • More expensive selections are offered.

Collectibles Marketplaces

8. NBA Top Shot

NFT market with a sports component that focuses on men’s and women’s professional basketball.

NFTs include play highlights and video snippets, which are occasionally organized into “packs” around important historical games.

does not let players to mint; rather, it only permits users to purchase and trade items that are provided and approved by the NBA.


experiencing rapid development and has a billion-dollar market.


Some NFTs are available for only a few dollars and are simple to acquire and trade.

9. DraftKings Marketplace

  • A brand-new sports-themed marketplace with memorabilia from athletes as various as football players, hockey players, and racing car drivers.
  • expands on their current sports betting brand

Games Marketplaces

10. Axie Infinity Market

a game-focused NFT market where the Axie Infinity online gaming platform’s assets may be created, purchased and traded.

Supposed to have a market capitalization of more than a billion dollars.

strong foundation in the gaming industry.


Axie Infinity tokens, also known as Axie Shards, are available for purchase and sale on a number of other NFT markets and on a few cryptocurrency exchanges.


Other NFT Marketplaces

In alphabetical order:

  • Arkane Market
  • Async Art
  • BakerySwap
  • Binance NFT
  • Decentraland
  • Ether cards
  • Ghost Market
  • Larvalabs
  • Makers Place
  • NFT Showroom
  • Theta Drop
  • Treasureland
  • Viv3
  • Zora

Should I Buy NFTs?

NFTs are distinct from cryptocurrencies and constitute a brand-new class of digital assets. Although they are still too fresh to draw any broad conclusions regarding their value as investment assets, their distinctiveness lends a certain amount of exclusivity and authenticity. Investors should exercise caution when drawing conclusions about how many more NFTs will appreciate to the same level based on the small number of NFTs that have sold for millions of dollars.

In many ways, NFTs are a hip new medium, and younger generations of sports fans, collectors, artists, and others find them particularly appealing because of their digital nature. One may anticipate that the sector will most likely continue given the number of renowned organizations trying to enter the NFT industry and their large range of possible applications.


How to Buy NFTs

While exploring marketplace websites to acquire NFTs is simple, purchasing NFTs needs creating an account with the marketplace and having the necessary tokens available in your digital wallet. Some will accept payments in US dollars, but the majority demand payments in one or more predetermined tokens. Therefore, in order to buy an NFT, one will need to have a digital wallet with the right kind and quantity of digital tokens in it.

This entails having a budget in mind, setting up a digital wallet, and purchasing the required NFT tokens from a crypto exchange. You may then complete an online purchase armed with your wallet and a marketplace account.



  • What’s the top marketplace for buying NFTs?

    • The largest NFT marketplace, it seems, is OpenSea.
  • Why are NFTs so expensive?

    • NFTs can cost anything from a few dollars to several million dollars. Due to the limited quantity and unique nature of each one, the price of popular NFTs can rise to whatever level of demand there is. This is because supply and demand decide how much anything costs.
  • Can I make my own NFTs?

Yes. Numerous marketplace websites will make it easier to create NFTs. Read our tutorial to learn how to create your own NFTs.

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