About us

We believe investing is vital for everyone.

We offer different programs for investors to choose from, according to their needs. Our hedge fund options give access to forward-looking investments in line with your financial goals.

Investing is a challenge many people are unfamiliar with because it’s complex. By combining education with investment tools, we have created an environment where anyone can become a successful investor. In this way, Investly makes your investment journey more accessible and less stressful.

Our Partners


Etoro is the best social trading platform in the world.


The best forex broker in the world with an instant deposit /withdraw feature.


The best cryptocurrency trading platform in the world.


To reach an 85 % success rate in our trading signals

Our AI-based trading signals are reasonable, and our clients are satisfied, but we believe in continuous development.

Help 1000 investors achieve their investing goals

Investly is a unique investment platform that helps investors achieve their investing goals. Whether a first-time investor or a pro, Investly helps you make the most of your money, no matter where it's invested. We aim to help over 1,000 investors achieve their investing goals, and we're just getting started.

Publish 1000 high-quality educational articles that cover trading and investing

Investly was founded to make trading and investing education accessible to everyone. We publish high-quality educational articles that cover trading and investing topics. Our goal is to help people learn how to trade and invest for themselves to achieve financial independence. We are passionate about our mission and believe anyone can succeed with proper education and guidance.

Investly website to be among the top 10 investing websites in the middle east

We will continue to work hard to deliver the best value to our visitors.

12 trading courses for 250 new investing

Our trading courses are unique. well prepared and relevant to what work in the market

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